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5th June 2015

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5th June 2015

space needle

Space Needle

23rd February 2015

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26th November 2014

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26th November 2014

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Sound City Project

25th November 2014

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25th November 2014

Integra Design

25th November 2014

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29th October 2014

Welcome to ACreativeSpark
Welcome to an online resource of design ideas for websites, print brochures, html elements (forms, login boxes, html 5 examples, css3 examples) and just great looking websites. Our guys are constantly on the lookout for great examples, if you can find what you are looking for let us know and our guys will happily go out and find the best real life examples of great web design, html use or print work possible.
CreativeSpark started life as an internal project for us when we worked at a very well known digital creative agency. We had an internal database of  design elements, layouts and just plain great examples that we had come across on our daily travels through the internet. We have decided to share this fabulous resource with the world after many freelancers we worked with kept requesting access to this database. So here it is guys! ACreativeSpark!
Obviously there are literally millions of fantastic designers and developers in this world, so if you feel that there is a better alternative to an example we have listed please do let us know! We will link to it and feature it on the original example page if a unanimous decision is reached (and we’ll give you a nod). And if you feel we should showcase a piece also send us that to have a look at.